Upgrade Your Athletic Gear with Sport-Tek PST74 Sweatshirts

You’ve been hitting the gym hard lately and crushing your workouts, but your old sweatshirt has seen better days. It’s time for an upgrade to athletic gear that can keep up with your intense training schedule. The Sport-Tek gear is the perfect solution. This lightweight yet durable pullover is designed for maximum comfort and performance. The soft, breathable fabric keeps you feeling cool and dry through even the toughest workout. Raglan sleeves provide a full range of motion so you can push through one more rep. With stylish color options, this sweatshirt looks as good as it feels. Why settle for anything less when you can have premium athletic gear at an affordable price? The Sport Tek gear is calling your name. Time to add one to your cart and take your training to the next level.

High-Performance Fabric Keeps You Comfortable

Sport-Tek PST74 sweatshirts are made of high-performance polyester fabric that will keep you comfortable during any activity.

  • The lightweight, breathable material wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you dry. No more overheating! The soft, flexible fabric moves with you for maximum range of motion.
  • These sweatshirts are also highly durable. No matter how many times you wash them, they’ll maintain their shape and softness. They’re even machine washable for easy care – just tumble dry low and you’re ready to go again.
  • These sweatshirts come in a variety of stylish colors to match any team uniform or personal style. Choose from solid colors, color blocks, or camo prints. Zip-up and pullover options are available, all with ribbed cuffs and waistbands for a comfortable fit.

With Sport-Tek, you get high performance and comfort all in one. Whether you’re working out at the gym, coaching a sports team, or just running errands, these sweatshirts will keep you feeling cool and looking good. Upgrade your athletic gear today with Sport Tek – your one-stop shop for comfortable, durable activewear at an affordable price. Your new favorite athletic wear is just a click away!

Modern and Stylish Design

Sport-Tek’s clothing features a modern, stylish design that will upgrade your athletic gear and make you look good whether you’re working out or running errands.

The PST74 sweatshirts come in both crewneck and hooded styles, with color options like black, navy, royal, red, and forest green. The polyester fabric is soft yet durable, and the ribbed cuffs and hem provide extra comfort. These sweatshirts have a relaxed, loose fit that’s perfect for layering over a t-shirt or thermal underneath.

For functionality, the PST74 sweatshirts have extras like a media pocket to hold your phone, and the hooded style has an adjustable drawcord. The minimal Sport Tek logo on the left chest provides subtle branding without being over the top.

  • Crewneck or hooded options to suit your preferences
  • Soft yet durable polyester fabric that’s perfect for exercise or casual wear
  • Loose, relaxed fit that’s great for layering in cold weather
  • Media pocket and drawcord for added convenience
  • Understated logo and color options for a stylish look

Whether you need a sweatshirt for your workout, running errands or lounging at home, the Sport-Tek offers the perfect blend of comfort, functionality and style. For the quality and features, the PST74 sweatshirts are very affordable, ranging from $8 to $16 each. Why not pick one piece in each color? Your athletic wardrobe will thank you.

Multiple Color Options to Suit Your Style

They come in various colors to suit every style. Whether you prefer bright, bold hues or more neutral tones, you’ll find options to match your athletic gear and personal taste.

Vibrant Colors

  • For a fun pop of color, choose from shades like royal blue, red, kelly green or orange. These energetic hues are ideal for team sports or making a fashion statement at the gym.

Neutral Tones

  • If you prefer a more subtle look, consider gray, black or white. These versatile neutral colors pair well with any athletic bottoms and go with everything. For a little more interest, navy blue is a rich neutral that is easy on the eyes.

Mix and Match

  • Don’t feel limited to choosing just one color. The PST74 sweatshirts are affordably priced, allowing you to select a few different colors to mix and match with your workout attire. For example, pair a gray sweatshirt with navy athletic pants and a royal blue jacket for a coordinated look.

With so many hues to choose from, you can find gear to match your personal style and the level of color you want in your athletic gear. Whether you like to keep it neutral, want to energize your workout with bright colors or prefer to mix and match shades, Sport-Tek has you covered. Upgrade your athletic wardrobe with high-quality sweatshirts in the perfect colors for you.

Features That Enhance Your Workout Experience

Breathable and Moisture-Wicking Fabric

The PST74 sweatshirts are made of 100% polyester interlock fabric that is breathable and moisture-wicking. This means:

  • It allows air to circulate so you stay comfortable during intense workouts.
  • It pulls sweat away from your body so you stay dry.

The breathable and moisture-wicking properties of the fabric allow you to stay focused on your workout instead of overheating or feeling soaked from sweat. You’ll feel fresh and rejuvenated after your workout instead of sticky and uncomfortable.

Raglan Sleeves for Mobility

The PST74 sweatshirts feature raglan sleeves that provide a full range of motion for your arms. Raglan sleeves are sleeves that extend in one piece to the collar, rather than being sewn at the shoulder. This design:

  1. Prevents restriction of movement at the shoulder joint.
  2. Allows for fluid arm movements in any direction.
  3. Accommodates a variety of arm positions and exercises.

Whether you’re doing bicep curls, lat pulldowns, or boxing, the raglan sleeves will give you the flexibility and mobility you need. You can focus on pushing your workout to the next level rather than being limited by your clothing.

Double-Needle Stitching for Durability

Their clothing is built to last through many intense workouts thanks to double-needle stitching at the neckline, sleeves, and hem. Double-needle stitching:

  • Uses two parallel rows of stitching rather than a single row.
  • Provides reinforced seams that are less likely to fray, tear, or come undone.
  • Withstands frequent use and washing over a long period of time.

You can count on the Sport-Tek PST74 sweatshirts to be a long-lasting part of your athletic wardrobe. The high-quality double-needle stitching will keep the sweatshirt intact through regular workouts and washes so you get the most value from your purchase.

Sizing and Care Instructions for the Perfect Fit

When choosing a size for your Sport-Tek gear, keep a few tips in mind for the perfect fit.

Check the Size Chart

When it comes to choosing the right size for your Sport-Tek sweatshirt, it’s important to consider whether you prefer an athletic fit or a slim fit. These sweatshirts are designed to have an athletic fit, meaning they are tailored to fit the shape of an athlete’s body. Therefore, it’s recommended that you choose a size that corresponds to your chest size. This will ensure that the sweatshirt feels fitted but still comfortable, allowing room for layering underneath.

On the other hand, if you prefer a slimmer fit, you may want to consider sizing down. It’s important to note that a slim fit may not provide as much room for layering, so keep this in mind when making your decision.

Ultimately, the choice between an athletic fit and a slim fit comes down to personal preference. Consider what type of fit you feel most comfortable in and use the size chart provided by Sport-Tek to determine the best size for you.

Consider How You’ll Wear It

Think about how you plan to wear the sweatshirt—for exercise, lounging or layering under a jacket. If exercising or doing physical activity, you’ll want a closer fit. For lounging or casual wear, you may prefer a slightly looser fit. And for layering, choose a size that will still fit comfortably under your outer shell.

Wash and Care Instructions

To keep your Sport-Tek clothing fitting its best after multiple wears and washes, follow these care guidelines:

  • Machine washes warm using a mild detergent. Avoid fabric softener which can damage the sweatshirt fibers.
  • Tumble dry low heat. High heat can cause damage and shrinkage.
  • Avoid ironing and dryer sheets when possible. Iron at a low heat only if needed.
  • Wash dark colors separately the first time. Some dye transfer may occur, so wash separately from light colors initially.
  • Avoid bleaching. Bleach can weaken and fade the fabric.
  • Wash after every 3-4 wears for the best results. Sweat and body oils can build up, damaging fibers if not washed regularly.

By choosing the right size for your needs and properly caring for your Sport-Tek clothes, you’ll enjoy the perfect fit and performance for years to come. Wear it well and wear it often!


So there you have it, an affordable and high-quality sweatshirt option to upgrade your athletic gear. The Sport-Tek clothing comes highly rated and provides comfort and performance for a range of sports and workouts. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a jog, or lounging around the house, this sweatshirt has you covered. Literally. The soft fleece lining will keep you cozy while the athletic cut allows for free movement. For the quality and price, you really can’t beat it. What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to the latest in athletic apparel and your new go-to sweatshirt. You deserve to stay warm and look good doing it. Go on, you’ve earned it!

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